Personal Information

Watch the following video. After watching the video, set up your personal information. You may want to have your name as your signature or you may want to have a quote from a poem or book that you have read. DO NOT CHANGE any of the other settings on the Personal Information page.

Display Preferences - (Theme)

The Display Preferences will let you choose a color for your inbox messages. Watch the video and then go into the Display Preferences and choose a Theme color for your SENDIT email.

Message Highlighting

Watch the following video. After watching the video, highlight messsages in your SENDIT email. Highlight those messages from Mrs. Peters along with any others you may wish.

Sending Attachments

A file such as a Word documnt, a PowerPoint presentation, or a picture are all things that can be sent through email. Watch the following video, and then send Mrs. Peters the PowerPoint on classroom guidelines that you made at the beginning of the semester. Remember to send yourself a carbon copy of the email.