Thanksgiving - Little Known Facts About Turkeys

Create a PowerPoint on little-known facts about the national Thanksgiving day bird, the turkey!

The PowerPoint should have a title slide and and end slide with 8 "fact" slides inbetween which makes 10 slides altogether.
Find pictures on the Internet using screen clipping tool in PowerPoint
Animations on text and pictures.
Transitions on each slide

Starting Out:

Open up PowerPoint.
Save the PowerPoint in your Computer Class folder with the file name: Thanksgiving Turkey - YourFirstName

FIRST: Create your slides with the facts using the following websites for information.

Here's a fact for your first slide to start you out....
Domestic turkeys were bred to be white so their pin feathers would not leave dark discoloration marks on the meat compared to wild turkeys that have dark feathers.

10 Fascinating Facts About Turkeys & Thanksgiving Alternative Traditions

Turkey Facts: What Is Talking Turkey?

The American Turkey

10 Facts About Turkeys

SECOND: Using Google Image search, find pictures that relate to the facts on your slides.

USE the following search terms in Google image search: white turkeys

THIRD: At the end of the PowerPoint, create an 11th slide which will be the Bibliography slide.

Copy the links above and paste them into the slide. They are hot-links and will go to the website when clicked.